Sandra Bernhard Talks ‘DTLA,’ Madonna, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Sandra Bernhard stopped by The Howard Stern Show Nov. 13 to chat about, among a LOT of other things, her role in the sexy Logo series DTLA on which the endlessly talented entertainer plays Bryan’s lesbian mom. Bryan’s other mom is played by Hollywood royalty Melanie Griffith.

With some goading from Howard, the modest Sandra discusses some of the giant celebrities in her network of friends and co-workers including, but not limited to: Madonna, Jane Fonda, Phyllis Diller, Gilbert Gottfried, Pippa Middelton, and many many more.

This girl moves in some serious glitzy circles.

And, of course, Sandra gushes about DTLA, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Logo, and her general adoration for and support of drag queens.

Be sure to listen to the interview clip to learn just what Sandra thinks about Madonna’s recent string of on-stage antics, Pippa’s butt, and why she turned down Cynthia Nixon’s role on Sex in the City.