Sandra Bullock Smooches Scarlett Johansson, Celebs Cuss at the MTV Movie Awards

ScarJo & Sandy smooch. Suck on that, Bombshell McGee!

I didn’t get to watch the 2010 MTV Movie Awards last night. I’m out in L.A., but I was busy walking without children in nature at a friend’s house in Laurel Canyon instead. But you can watch the big Generation Award winner Sandra Bullock snatch her prize, and some very brief kissing time with Scarlett Johansson, during the show. Watch it below…


Other moments of note from the show? Cussing!!! Apparently, the F-bomb was dropped frequently and faster than the show’s censors could catch. Yay! Also, Xtina performed a speed-medley of her new tunes, and Parks & Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza announced that she wanted to “f–k Megan Fox.” And, oh yeah… Twilight: New Moon won everything.

Also, Russell Brand and Jonah Hill made out, Christian Siriano covered the red-carpet, and Ken Jeong performed an interpretive dance in a tiger-print leotard.

The Jersey Shore cast was represented, too! At the MTV Movie Awards site you can even watch the first 13 minutes of the new Jersey Shore season, if you must. So there!

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.