Sarah Paulson Nails Holly Hunter, Kathleen Turner Impressions With Fallon

"I've walked that long, lonely crocodile mile and it always ends the same way."

Sarah Paulson starred in the season premiere of American Horror Story on Tuesday night, but it was her impressions of famous celebrities on The Tonight Show that really left fans stunned.

Paulson was there to discuss the seventh season of the anthology series, in which she plays a lesbian who thinks she’s having a mental breakdown after last year’s election, but host Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity to have the Emmy winner play the Wheel of Impressions game while he had her as a guest.


The actress had three rounds to show off her skills, and ended up impersonating Kathleen Turner talking about slip ’n’ slides, Holly Hunter discussing gas stations, and Drew Barrymore talking about substitute teachers.

Ever the professional, Paulson even stops to ask if this is “Kathleen Turner 20 years ago or Kathleen Turner today.”


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