Sasha Velour On Being Picked For “Drag Race”: “I Was Shocked I Got On”

How many times did the Season 9 winner audition for the series?

This is it, squirrel friends.

The final Whatcha Packin’ with Michelle Visage is out and it’s time for the RuPaul’s Drag Race judge to sit down with the Season 9 winner, Sasha Velour.

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The Brooklyn-based queen spoke with Visage about her time on the show, and how she had only auditioned once before—for Season 8—and was surprised she even was considered for Drag Race.

“I had auditioned the year before and that was it—and my drag had changed so much I’m not even sure anyone would recognize me from the first tape,” Sasha reveals in the interview.

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When auditioning for the show she thought, “what’s the harm in trying” and was “shocked” when she was picked: “I thought that I was too weird, not fun enough.”

Visage then explains how the LGBT community celebrates weird people. “That’s what we all are in our own way, that’s why we get along so well as a community,” she explains.

When it comes time to talk fashion during their conversation, Visage gets to ask Sasha where her love of wearing crowns came from.

“It’s a mixture of Jughead [from Archie comics] and Where the Wild Things Are,” answers Sasha. “It’s just a fantastically and literal way to indicate that I see myself as royalty.”

And you are, your highness! To hear more about what Sasha thought about the competition, and what she would do differently if she had to do it all over again watch her full interview below.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9: RuVealed airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Logo.

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