5 Stars We’d Like To See Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ In 2013

Adam Levine officially joins the ranks of celebrity awesomeness with an SNL hosting gig on January 26th, a week after Jennifer Lawrence (BFF alert) takes the stage with musical guest The Lumineers. The Maroon 5 frontman will only using his special acting chops this time around though- the amazing Kendrick Lamar will be stopping by as the evening’s musical guest.

Since we have to wait another two weeks for a reason to cancel our Saturday night plans and keep our booty calls out in the cold, here’s a list of other stars we’d love to see grace our screens on SNL this season.

1. Adam Lambert

The bona fide diva is no stranger to comedy (check out his video from the Jay Leno Show!) and we’d die to see him take on Stefon during Weekend Update or join Kenan Thompson for a very kiki-edition of “What Up With That?”!

2. Taylor Swift 

Technically, Taylor’s already hosted SNL, BUT SHE COULD ALWAYS COME BACK. Her episode was surprisingly delightful and hilarious and I’ve yet to see anyone do a better Twilight spoof. She was committed and totally willing to make fun of herself (and her peers). Bring back T-SWIFT!

3. Amy Poehler 

It’s been four cold years since Amy Poehler left SNL, and since then there’s been a gaping Hillary Clinton-sized hole in our hearts. She’s the star of Parks & Recreation, got a gig hosting the Golden Globes, and she’s the best person ever. Plus! Maya Rudolph hosted last year! Can she come back and host? For real? At least make Bronx Beat into a podcast or something? Ugh.

4. Tom Hardy

TOM HARDY. He’s in everything (but our beds) and he has a great sense of humor. Just look at this video of him rapping while babysitting his son! It is adorable- and he can actually kind of rap(?). If only he had hosted after “Magic Mike” had come out instead of Joseph Gordon-Levitt…sigh. We could’ve had this:

Instead of this:

(Not that we’re really super upset.)

5. Maggie Smith 

Cousin Violet forever. Maggie Smith would be the ultimate SNL host. Get on it Lorne!

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