Saudi Arabia Denies Executing Prized Racehorse For Being “Gay”

The report is being blamed on Western hysteria.

A number of Saudi Arabians have denied reports that claim a prized racehorse was executed in the country recently after it was determined to be “gay,” calling them “really deplorable” and a joke made “in bad taste.”

Gulf News reports Western media sites had claimed the four-year-old “famous” stallion, worth around $12 million, was “caught in sexual intercourse with another stallion” on at least two separate occasions.

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“When this was reported to the authorities, the horse was rapidly taken away and isolated” and scheduled for a November 20 execution, reports claimed. “This was meant to send a clear message that homosexuality, under any form, would not be tolerated in the kingdom.”

Almost a dozen Americans and Europeans reportedly offered to buy the horse to protect it.

Saudi social media users slammed “Western sites” for the report, blaming it on Western hysteria.

One user wrote, “Fabricating incredible lies, concocting baseless reports and targeting Saudis, Arabs and Muslims have become a way of life for them. It is really deplorable. They should come to their senses and respect people’s cognitive levels.”

“I thought they were capable of better lies and allegations,” another added. “This is a far-fetched claim that cannot go far.”

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