Saudi Arabian TV Station Apologizes For Airing Gay “Pornography”

“The act was unintended by him, and he has repented to God.”

A Saudi television channel apologized Wednesday after one of its reality TV shows featured a scene that many throughout the Islamic nation denounced as pornographic.

The decried scene, from the Bendaya TV program Increase Your Credit, showed two men dancing, with one appearing to mimic a sexual act while standing behind the other.


After the episode ended, social media users took to Twitter to blast the show and the TV network for airing such a provocative scene.

“A dirty scene and broadcast on a highly viewed channel,” wrote one Twitter user. “The Ministry of Information must immediately stop the channel.”

Another slammed Bendaya for proclaiming to be an Islamic station while “insulting religion.”

Bendaya tweeted out an apology the following day, reminding viewers that mistakes often happen during live broadcasting.

“The act that took place by one of our contestants, an act which is not accepted by any logic, any religion, or moral values, was apologised for by the contestant,” the channel stated.

“The act was unintended by him, and he has repented to God.”

The network added that the contestant had been disqualified from the program and that his actions do “not represent the channel or its goals to spread values and morals.”

Map of Saudi Arabia

Unfortunately, the public outrage is not that surprising given how the country has historically treated its LGBT community.

Earlier this year, the nation’s government banned trans people from participating in a religious Muslim pilgrimage and declared that coming out as gay online was punishable by death.

h/t: Middle East Eye

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