Meet The Man Who Had Sex With 365 Guys In A Year—For Art

"My sexuality is very strange now."

Could there be such a thing as too much sex?

Artist Mischa Badasyan discovered the answer may be “yes,” after completing his project “Save the Date,” in which he forced himself to go on dates and have sex with a different man every day for an entire year.

The 28-year-old started the project to explore modern ideas of sexuality and homosexuality, and he quickly discovered that, even with 365 different men a year, loneliness ultimately prevailed.

“I didn’t like the dates, I didn’t like the sex, I didn’t like anything,” he told VICE in a follow-up interview after completing the project.

Mischa Badasyan

Badasyan, who was born in Russia and now lives in Berlin, said he stopped using apps like Grindr and Scruff because of the stream of negative responses he’d receive, and eventually just started finding partners by cruising the streets of Berlin.

His sexual encounters, which ranged from hookups with sex workers to a 76-year-old journalist to a straight man looking for his first gay experience, quickly became emotionless and stale, causing him to look for ways to spice things up.

“I had to use violence to enjoy sexuality,” he said. “I was punching people. I became a machine.”

Mischa Badasyan

Ultimately, the performance artist said it changed the way he is able to view and experience sex forever.

“My sexuality is very strange now,” he said. “I don’t go on dates with gay people anymore. The only way [I can] enjoy sex is voyeurism in men’s bathrooms, and by picking up of straight, bi and undecided guys in the street in Berlin.”

As for how others view his work, he doesn’t want the project to be interpreted in any one way.

“For some, it’s about sexuality; for some, it’s about freedom; for some, it’s about loneliness,” he says.

You can watch a video of Badasyan’s “Save the Date” performance art piece below.

h/t: VICE

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