Scarlett Johansson And Barry Manilow Team Up For World AIDS Day Charity Jingle

With a little help from Jimmy Kimmel

Today is World AIDS Day, and the annual (RED) Shopathon has launched, a month long holiday shopping extravaganza to help raise funds and awareness.

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This year offers up some fabulous incentives, with help from Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

During the show tonight, anyone who donates $10 to the (RED) Shopathon will have the chance to win “once-in-a-lifetime experiences” from some of the world’s most famous celebrities, including:

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There are many more intriguing prizes, including a trip to the Game Of Thrones set, a bike ride with Bono, and a chance to be flattered for 45 seconds by George Clooney.

To help get the word out, Jimmy enlisted musical icon Barry Manilow to write a catchy jingle (which Barry was famous for before he became a pop superstar), and Barry was happy to contribute, on one condition.

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He needed a muse, “Someone to inspire me. I need someone with glamour and style.” Enter Scarlett Johansson, who has proven her musical mettle, releasing a couple of albums and soundtrack singles.

The end result is an insanely catchy little ditty that will hopefully inspire people to contribute to the cause.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s RED (Shopathon) episode tonight at 11:35 PM ET on ABC.

USELESS TRIVIA: The irony of Jimmy calling Barry “The man who writes the songs that make the whole world sing,” when that was actually one of Barry’s hits that was written by someone else.

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