“Schitt’s Creek” Emmys Sweep Makes Television History

Everything's coming up Roses for the beloved PopTV series.

Now this is a Schitt’s-storm we can all get behind.

Schitt’s Creek, PopTV’s beloved queer-inclusive sitcom, took home a record-breaking number of Emmy Awards for its last season. The 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, which aired virtually this past Sunday, September 20, saw the cast and crew rake in seven primetime awards for a total of nine in 2020, the most ever for a comedy series in a single year.

The show also swept the Emmys’ four acting categories in the same year, a first for any comedy or drama. It joins All in the Family, The Golden Girls, and Will & Grace as one of the few series in television history to have all of its lead actors win an Emmy.

Actress Catherine O’Hara kicked off the night by nabbing her first-ever acting Emmy for her role as Moira Rose, the melodramatic, wig-loving matriarch Schitt’s Creek fans have come to know and love.


“This is so cool,” a masked O’Hara told the audience from a remote viewing party in Toronto. “I will forever be grateful to Eugene and Daniel Levy for the opportunity to play a woman of a certain age—my age—who gets to fully be her ridiculous self.”

Schitt’s Creek also scored Emmys for best writing, best directing, and best overall comedy series. Eugene Levy, who plays patriarch Johnny Rose, won an acting Emmy alongside O’Hara. What’s more, star and co-creator Dan Levy and actress Annie Murphy nabbed Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress for their roles as David Rose and Alexis Rose, respectively.

“What the actual fuck!” a dumbfounded Dan tweeted early Monday morning.

The out actor-writer used his acceptance speech to impress the importance of voting. “[Schitt’s Creek] is about the transformational effects of love and acceptance, and that is something we need now more than ever,” he told viewers. “Go out and vote so there can be more love and acceptance out there.”

Although Schitt’s Creek has garnered critical praise left and right, its epic run came to end an in 2019 when it was renewed for its sixth and final season. The show also held a special place in the hearts and minds of queer viewers, who lauded Dan for his portrayal of David, a pansexual character (and David’s adorable relationship with his partner, Patrick).

Congrats to the Schitt’s Creek fam!

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