Goodbye, Wig Wall: “Schitt’s Creek” Has Been Renewed for a Sixth and Final Season

Ew, David!

Get ready for one last stay at the Rosebud Motel.

Schitt’s Creek creators and co-stars Dan and Eugene Levy posted a message to fans announcing that the series has been renewed for a sixth season, but that it will be the show’s last. The final set of episodes will air in 2020 on CBC in Canada on Pop in the U.S.

Schitt’s Creek is that rare zeitgeist show that creates incredible fandom, catalyzes culture and receives best-of-television critical praise for its intelligence, character development, laughter and heart,” Pop president Brad Schwartz said in a statement. “Schitt’s Creek has given all of us a joyous gift that, in my opinion, places the show among the very best. Everyone at Pop could not be more proud than to have been associated with what Dan Levy and Eugene Levy created alongside this amazing cast and crew. While we will miss this gem with all our heart, we are thrilled that the show will end its run exactly as the show’s creators intended.”

The fifth season of Schitt’s Creek is currently airing, but it became popular after the first four seasons were added to Netflix, where a whole new audience discovered it. The series has not only been heralded for being hilarious, but also for its positive portrayal of LGBTQ life, with Dan Levy playing David, a pansexual character who is in a relationship with Patrick (Noah Reid).

The latest episode focused on Patrick finally coming out to his parents, which Reid spoke with Entertainment Weekly:

“Patrick is comfortable in his own skin,” explained Reid. “It was really interesting to see another side of him, where he’s not quite sure how to handle this situation. There’s a lot of anxiety and fear in him regarding how this conversation is going to happen with his parents — who presumably are the people who know you the best — and how stressful it must be to feel like they don’t know something about you that’s so true to who you are.”

How the show handled his coming out was met with applause from Twitter:

Oh, how we will miss the Roses! The sixth season of Schitt’s Creek will consist of 14 episodes, and will premiere in 2020.

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