Scientists Measure 15,000 Erect Penises, Determine Average Size

penis crotch

A new study published in the British Journal of Urology reveals that the average length of an erect human penis is 5.16 inches, and the average circumference is 4.5 inches.

When limp, the typical human penis is just 3.6 inches, in both length and girth. (Well, it’s more of a spongy mound at that point, isn’t it?)

Researchers say the measurements should “reassure the large majority of men that the size of their penis is in the normal range,” though we imagine putting, ahem, hard numbers down would also give guys who don’t measure up added anxiety.

But apparently only about 2.3% of men have an abnormally small member—the same percentage as guys who are abnormally well endowed.

Of course, the researchers admit their results may be skewed by the possibility that only men with decent sized manhoods would volunteer to be measured.

Participants, who raged in age from 17 to 91, were measured by professionals in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States. It’s worth No correlating was determined between penis size and race—or with  foot size, nose size. finger length or any other physical feature.

Below, check out a two-dimensional chart measuring flaccid (stretched) and erect penises

penis chart i guess

And another for circumference:

another penis chart

h/t: Business Insider

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