MTV’s “Scream” Will Feature A Gay High Schooler In Rebooted Third Season

Scream, queen.

The MTV series Scream is getting rebooted for its upcoming third season with a new diverse cast of characters—including a gay high schooler.

According to TV Line the series, based on the popular horror
films directed by Wes Craven, is currently searching for an actor to portray Manny, “an openly gay senior who’s ’smart as hell,’ even if he hasn’t quite found his place in life yet.”

Unfortunately, Manny’s openness and his loyalty to the few friends he has will “land him in the crosshairs of the killer.”

But doesn’t every character on the show eventually come face to face with the killer?

According to the new rules laid out in Scream 4, being gay is one of the only ways to survive a horror film these days, but even that didn’t save the character Robbie Mercer (Erik Knudsen) who confessed to being gay before Ghostface slaughtered him.

Manny’s inclusion comes from the network’s initiative for the new season to feature a “more diverse cast and story.” Queen Latifah has come on board as one of the executive producers for the new set of episodes.

Will Manny suffer the same fate as Robbie or will he survive the latest killing spree? Only time will tell.

The third season of Scream will have six episodes and is set to premiere in March 2018 on MTV.

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