Sculpture Created Using Blood Donations From Gay Men Protests FDA Policy

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Washington D.C. artist Jordan Eagles had nine gay men from all walks of life donate their blood to be used inside a sculpture called “Blood Mirror,” a protest of the FDA’s continued ban of blood donations from gay men.

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With the FDA’s recent announcement that its considering allowing gay men to donate if they’ve been celibate for one year, Eagles (and everyone else) felt that while the consideration is some progress, it is still unfair.

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“How many gay men do I know that are actually going to be celibate for 12 months?” Eagles asked. “Gay men that I know who are married… that are monogamous with each other.” He continues, “What actually seemed like a step in the right direction…actually feels like it’s worse.”

Eagles assembled nine gay, bisexual and trans men to donate blood for his art piece, which will be shown at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center from September 12 to October 18.

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One of the participants, Nigerian native Oliver Anene, reflected on friends in the Nigerian LGBT community left to die in hospitals or beaten because of their queerness. “If I cannot donate blood to save lives, at least I can donate blood for art,” he expressed.

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 Watch the inspiring video about Blood Mirror below.

h/t: Passport Magazine