Sean Avery Gay, Engaged To Andy Cohen, According To Fun Internet Rumors


Ridiculous rumors began floating around the internet yesterday that former NHL hockey player and Vogue intern Sean Avery, a man who has dated the likes of Elisha Cuthbert, Rachel Hunter and Hilary Rhoda, had decided to switch teams and make a play for Bravo exec and talk show host Andy Cohen, who is openly gay. In fact, they’re engaged!

Mr. Avery seemed excited about the news:

Mr. Cohen seemed unsure about the news:


Basically, Avery, who was the first sports player to ever openly support homosexual rights and an awesome ally, and Cohen, are friends, and as friends sometimes go away on trips together or take fun photos and post them on Instagram. This does not a homosexual couple make.


That being said, if Avery is somehow gay, this would be fantastic news. Time to learn more about hockey.