Watch Sean Hayes Turn Back Time With Chad Michaels on “Ellen”

The Cher impersonator and "Drag Race" all-star is hard to miss.

Just Jack—and Chad!

Last time Sean Hayes dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Brad Pitt was in the audience. So when the Will & Grace star subbed this week as host, he naturally scanned the crowd for other celebs.

“Do I know you?” he asked RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars winner Chad Michaels, decked out in full Cher drag. “Like, if only I could turn back time and remember where I know you from. It’s driving me crazy. Anyway, as soon as I figure it out, I’m going to ’Cher’ it with all of you. I got you, babe.”

After a segment called “Oh, Straight People,” Hayes dropped the Cher-ade and invited the preeminent Cher impersonator on stage for a duet of, yep, “If I Could Turn Back Time,” injecting the same over-exaggerated Cher mannerisms he’s done as Jack on Will & Grace.

“It was an honor and I had a blast,” Chad later tweeted, “can I come back and meet Ellen??” Responding to the Will & Grace account, he also tweeted, “how bout a guest spot??” You betta work that hustle, Miss Michaels!

Watch the Ellen clip below—and be sure to clock the girls who think Chad is the real Cher!

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