See Trixie Mattel and Katya Queen Out While Watching “The Crown” Season 3

More like BUNHhhhckingham Palace!

Trixie Mattel and Katya are a couple of good time gals. Just sit them down together, let the cameras roll, and you get gold.

Someone at Netflix obviously knew this and invited the UNHhhh co-hosts to sip some tea and watch the latest season of The Crown—while filming their reactions to all of that Royal Family drama.

Since Trixie and Katya are drag royalty, they can relate to Queen Elizabeth. And leave it to Trixie to ask the all important questions:


What does a duke actually do? If your mansion had a basement mall, which three stores would you have in it? Why is Princess Margaret’s mission to the White House like a drag queen showing up a night club?

We bet your binge session of The Crown was nowhere near as fun as this. Can we just get Trixie and Katya to watch and comment on all of Netflix’s original programming?

Check out their thoughts on The Crown below.

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