Selena Gomez Stalks Sexy Actor In Steamy New “Hands To Myself” Music Video

And it looks like he's worth getting arrested over.

“Can’t keep my hands to myself,” sings Selena Gomez in her latest single, and after looking at her co-star in the newly released music video, we really can’t blame her.

The pop star plays a stalker in the video for “Hands To Myself,” breaking into her ex’s place and seductively dancing around in her underwear while on breaks from rummaging through his closet.

Eventually she gets arrested, as is the case with many obsessive sociopaths, but not before we get a few more good looks at her steamy sex scenes with the object of her obsession, model Christopher Mason.

Mason’s long blonde hair and chiseled good looks remind us of another hunk from a famous pop star’s video — the sexy guy in the airplane bathroom that got to make out with Britney Spears in her “Toxic” video, of course.


Check out the video for “Hands To Myself” below.

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