“Sense8” Cast Marches In Sao Paulo Pride, Max Riemelt And Brian J. Smith Make Out

And Miguel Ángel Silvestre was making out with EVERYBODY.

Brazil’s biggest city was host to the world’s largest LGBT gathering on Sunday morning, as Sao Paulo Pride marched down Avenida Paulista.

It’s believed more than two million people watch the event, which served as a both a celebration of the country’s LGBT community and a call for laws to allow transgender people to legally change their gender. (A bill is stuck in the legislature and has been opposed by religious groups.)

And while both marriage equality and anti-discrimination laws are in place, violence against gay and trans Brazilians has reach epidemic proportions.

The cast and crew of Netflix’s Sense8 were at the parade, filming scenes for the show’s upcoming second season.

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Spectators caught cast members like Max Riemelt, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Jamie Clayton and Brian J. Smith making out on a float.


But how much of that was for the cameras and how much was just for fun we’ll have to wait for 2017, when Sense8 returns, to find out.

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Below, check out more of the Sense8 cast at Sao Paulo Pride


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Here, Miguel works the crowd into a lather.

and makes out with Smith.

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