Serena ChaCha Wigs Out About Her “All Stars” Return and Bennifer 3.0

"If my name is Serena ChaCha, it doesn’t mean I have to run around with maracas and feathers."

Spoilers ahead for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 6

As RuPaul said in the promo for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 6, “the sun never sets on an All Star.” One of the most exciting aspects of having this many seasons of All Stars is that it allows the series to pick some left-field queens to return to the competition. This time around, one of those out-of-box choices was Serena ChaCha, the Panama queen who sashayed away on the second episode of Drag Race Season 5.

Serena was the second one out on her original season, and sadly, she was the first one to leave the competition on the latest season of All Stars. But outside of the series, Serena has made a name for herself with her popular wig line, something she showcased during the talent show in the All Stars Season 6 premiere.

Serena spoke with NewNowNext about her (short) tenure on All Stars, if her Season 5 sisters have reached out to her, who has the best wigs on All Stars Season 6, and what she thinks of Jennifer Lopez rekindling her romance with Ben Affleck.

First off, congrats on coming back for All Stars 6! What was it like walking back into the workroom this time? What was going through your mind before you stepped into the workroom?

When I stepped into the workroom, I was like, sales, sales, buy these houses, buy the hair, buy the nails, buy everything. And then I look and I’m like, oh, shit. Another 12 bitches.

There’s a lot of stiff competition this season. Were there some girls when you walked who made you think, “Oh, not her”?

I was very happy to see a lot of those girls there! And wow, to be with those personalities it’s like, whoa. Here I am again with the titans.

I have to ask, what was that like seeing Miss Piggy?

Oh my god, she’s fierce! She’s legendary! I want to watch her more on Drag Race because now I understand she’s always been a drag queen, those big old lashes.

I liked the moment where Silky [Nutmeg Ganache] said that she was “surprised but not surprised” to see you and that she was proud to see you there.

I love her. I love my sister Silky.

What was that moment like with Silky?

Silky is a personality that is so kind — there’s a reason why she’s a reverend, and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. She can literally tame all the personalities and I’ve gone to her for things. So it means a lot. Silky has influenced me personally in such a good, positive way. She’s such an amazing person.

What was it like filming the talent show?

Well, seeing all the other talents, I was very, very relaxed because I did not see myself in the bottom. And I’m sorry, I disagree completely [with the judges]!

You were surprised that you were in the bottom?

Absolutely. Absolutely.

I liked your talent!

I loved it!

I thought it was fun, but do you agree that maybe you should have shown them some more cha-chas? Looking back, would you have changed it?

No, I don’t agree. I completely disagree because if my name is Serena ChaCha, it doesn’t mean I have to run around with maracas and feathers. Absolutely not. I’m sorry. I don’t agree.

Were you surprised that the girls voted for you?

Yeah, I was. And I was very disappointed because I wasn’t close with any one of them yet. The only person who chose otherwise was Yara Sofia — she was the only righteous vote there. Oh, and some girls that voted for me, but it’s like they did it because of the pressure of the group, not because I deserved it. So I’m sorry, but there you have it. I don’t think it’s right.

Your Season 5 sisters were part of what may be considered the best Drag Race season ever, All Stars 2. Did that add some pressure to you coming into this competition, representing Season 5?

No, it didn’t add pressure. It just sucked that I don’t have anyone that I knew except for Yara. Then this girl walks in and all her friends are there. Like, what? Are we not supposed to be having feelings?

Did any of the Season 5 queens reach out to you when it was announced that you were going to be on All Stars?

Yeah, a lot of them have been so supportive. So my friends are there for me and my sisters from my season. They’re proud. They’ve been proud from the minute they saw a good wig that I made and any effort that I made to be better than what I showed the first time.

Speaking of your wigs, they’re so fabulous. And they’re so popular. Congrats on that. Looking at the other All Stars 6 girls, aside from yourself, who do you think has the best wigs?

I had the best wigs. I’m not going to congratulate any work other than my own. Because I’m the only one who made at least 20 custom-made wigs for myself to be in here. But you know what I do have to give props to? The way Pandora [Boxx] packed her wigs. Pandora had her wigs packed… like, I would literally have her run the packaging of my business one day so she could teach queens how to package better. When I saw her wigs I was like, “How did you pack that?” You should have seen mine, looked like just a bin of hair.

I’m fascinated about how the queens pack for the show.

Listen, I have my mother here with me helping me pack, and I forgot how to count suitcases because apparently, I had an extra one. My mother was like, “You know you have one extra suitcase? That’s an extra 60 pounds. What are you going to do?” I go, “Well, Mom, that’s why you’re here.” And we had to pack and repack and pack and repack. But that’s just because drag is so much. I think people forget, we’re doing a job of many people. Styling fashion, styling hair, doing our makeup, planning performances. That’s what people don’t think about. They’re like, “Aw, queens are dramatic,” but it’s because we’re running too many things in our head at once. But that’s what makes it beautiful, and that’s what makes it so authentic.

I saw your Jennifer Lopez tribute video. What are your thoughts on her getting back together with Ben Affleck?

Listen, I always say where if there was a fire burning, there are ashes, right? Or what’s the saying? Where there was fire burning, there was ashes, or whatever? She knows what’s good. And coming back to it, it’s a beautiful thing. J.Lo is such a hard worker; she can do whatever she wants. And hey, it’s Ben Affleck, right? Who wouldn’t want to go back to that?

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