Seth MacFarlane’s Out: Name 10 People Who Should Host the Oscars



Seth MacFarlane just announced he definitely won’t be hosting the Oscars next year. Personally, I’d say that’s a good thing. We only needed one year of broad, bland, half-heartedly “subversive” laughs. Bring on the new emcees. Here are my 10 suggestions.

10. Stephen Colbert — His gleeful, mock-you-to-your-face persona is an ideal fit for the self-serious ceremony.

9. Seth Meyers — He’s ready. He’d zing everybody who needed it and look good doing it.

8. Robert Downey Jr. — Seth MacFarlane lacked the wryness of a truly great host. RDJ’s unamused delivery is perfect for the Oscars, and perfect for ribbing his colleagues.

7. Sandra Bullock — The Oscar winner’s best work is always on an award telecast stage. Deadpan, funny, and (believably) self-deprecating.

6. Cher — Give me a befuddled, unapologetic, bawdy hosting gig for Cher. Let her Oscar glow shine once again, AMPAS.

5. Ricky Gervais — Believe it or not, I kind of think it would be awesome if the Oscars totally upended expectations, hired the guy we used to love at the Golden Globes, and made him win us over again. He’d do it.

4. Jane Lynch¬†— Loved her at the Emmys, and because she’s hosting that new show Celebrity Game Night, I’m as psyched as ever to see her exhume her hosting panache.

3. Meryl Streep and Glenn Close — Can we get some actual glamor¬†going here? I miss the ’80s when you’d have Jane Fonda, Robin Williams, and Alan Alda cohosting the event. Get experienced talents together to toast a ceremony they’re very familiar with. The idea of repartee between Meryl and Glenn makes me impulsively clap and shriek. They’re legends who are also funny. Yeah. I want that.

2. Neil Patrick Harris — How hasn’t this happened yet? The winning Tonys host knows his entertainment back and forth. His winsome, vaudevillian flair would be kickass.

1. Tina Fey — Bottom line: The Golden Globes she co-hosted with Amy Poehler was the single greatest awards show I have ever seen. You can’t argue with Tina.

Your turn. Who should next year’s emcee be?