“Sex Box” TV Show Could Be Coming to America. Will It Have Gay Couples?

Sex Box

With every passing day our society more closely resembles a bizarre science-fiction novel. But at least in our dystopian future we’ll have some interesting reality TV!

Sex Box, a British television special that films couples having sex, might be heading to American television soon, according to Vulture.  The couples, gay and straight, have relations inside an opaque box and then discuss the experience with a panel of experts.

Yeah, that’s it.  That’s the whole show.

Despite this “shocking” premise Sex Box is more banal than risque—like an episode of Dr. Ruth. (The lack of nudity doesn’t help). Sage advice from panelist Dan Savage helps bring some relevance to the proceedings, fortunately.

The rights to Sex Box were snatched up by Relativity Media, the production house that brought us Bridesmaids. So we figure they’ll include gay couples in the mix.

Actually, I think an American version could spice things up a bit. Maybe throw two drag queens in there for a nice long kai kai?

Check out the original UK special below.

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