Sex change for Matrix filmmaker? UPDATED


UPDATE: Fox News (cough!) is disputing the news, although even their coverage has no quote from the Wachowskis themselves. The original post referencing the Cinematical story is below…

And then there was one Wachowski Brother.

They used to be Andy and Larry Wachowski — The writing directing team who together created Bound, The Matrix series, and V for Vendetta.

Back in 2003, Larry split from his wife and began to make public appearances dressed as a woman, but the filmmaker never spoke publicly to explain the cross-dressing. Was he merely a transvestite on the order of Eddie Izzard, or was he headed for a sex change?


According to an article on Cinematical today, it’s now official: Larry has undergone gender re-assignment surgery. Now it's Andy and Lana Wachowski.

The siblings will soon be promoting their spring 2008 project, Speed Racer, and according to the same Cinematical article, Andy will largely be handling press duties so that questions directed to Lana/Linda about the sex change won't overshadow the marketing of the film. I can see how that might happen — surely I’m not the only one who thinks Lana's gender reassignment is far more interesting than a remake of a seventies Saturday morning cartoon.

I have to agree with the HotButton columnist David Poland, who said the emerging woman looks a lot happier in photos than Larry ever did.