“Shadowhunters” Promotes Malec, Steve Grand’s Still Trying For Daddy Status: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Jack Plotnick won't drive Tom Lenk to the airport, "You're The Worst" shows sex and orientation aren't always paired, Michael Urie is horny

Yes, yes it is. Unless you live in a WalMart

Too soon?

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Aren’t national team gymnasts supposed to be serious?

Jake is looking colorful


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Zachary seems to be implying this may be his last go around as Spock. Or that it’s just time to renegotiate his contract

this. maybe for the last time. maybe not.

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Sam and his boyfriend attend the Stand Up Foundation Gala with Ben Cohen

Well, if Star City has their own team, this might make you Public Enemy #1. Again.

He really seems hung up on being called Daddy

Shadowhunters really seems to be pushing Malec. I hope they don’t follow in the footsteps of other shows and underdeliver

Neil and David eat their way through the New York City Wine and Food Festival

Although some of the food looks a little more upscale

The regular season is just the beginning, right?

Do I make you horny?

Hal is still looking good

After her blues album, I wonder what Cyndi is up to now?

Jack Plotnick just wants Tom to take him to the airport. He’s even willing to pay him. So what’s the problem?

Adam may look bigger, but Zac bulges in all the right places

I believe that this is from You’re the Worst on FXX, which I meant to watch. It’s actually an interesting moment, and the reactions are perfect

Michael Hamm is a blessing from the Nerd Gods

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