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Shangela Responds To Protests Over University Of Wisconsin Drag Show: Exclusive

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The students at University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley are getting the greatest gift in the entire world tonight — a performance from the legendary Shangela Laquifa Wadley. Problem is, some homophobic loons do not feel the same way.

Members of Wisconsin Family Action said of Shangela’s performance, “Our University of Wisconsin System is placing the stamp of approval on homosexual propaganda and explicitly immoral content with an upcoming ’drag show’ event that sends the wrong message to our next generation of leaders, parents, and families. Taxpayers should beware, and quickly take action to defend our shared values.  The Badger State’s standards for it’s families are much higher than this shameful display of sexual immorality on our campuses and in our local communities.”

We have no “Halleloos” for you Wisconsin Family Action.

So we decided to ask Shangela what she thought, and she gave us this amazing, AMAZING statement:

I grew up in northeast Texas in a strong religious household, so trust me … I’m no stranger to being on the opposite side of the table from those with conservative beliefs, especially when it comes to drag. Over the years I’ve developed a great sense of pride in myself and my community, and realize how important it is for all of us to stand together against this type of ignorance.
I applaud the University of Wisconsin Fox Valley leadership for supporting their students and continuing to host this show amidst the controversy. For the Wisconsin Family Action group to exclude drag shows and gay activity from being considered “diverse” shows that they don’t understand the true meaning of diversity nor the importance of creating a culture of inclusion on college campuses.
I graduated with honors from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and while there I chaired the Hilltop Entertainment Committee that hosted a number of on-campus events that promoted diversity for all groups on campus, including the LGBT organization. Through my recent work with an organization called Hope’s Voice, I’ve led seminars and performed at more than 40 colleges across the US including Syracuse, Dartmouth.
As a ’Rupaul’s Drag Race’ alum and role model for today’s youth, I’m doing more than just lip syncing for my life… I’m lip syncing for my true voice and message to be heard — Equality and Acceptance.

Take note Wisconsin Family Action, that is the voice of a role model.

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