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Shangela Talks About Her Big Injury, Taking Time Off & Who She Thinks Did It: WATCH

Snooki And JWoww Halloween Event:  "Night Of The Living Drag"

The girls of RuPaul’s Drag Race all came together in NYC a few weeks back to celebrate Halloween at “Night of the Living Drag,” and, as many may know, disaster struck for our girl Shangela. In the middle of her performance, Miss Laquifa Wadley took it to the floor, where her leg landed strongly against a metal surface on the stage, breaking two of her bones. This being Shangela, she of course continued to perform for a good 10 seconds more.

Because of these injuries, Shangela is going to have to take some major time off to recuperate, and wanted us to come talk to her so she could send the above message to her fans. She also said in an official release:

This situation hurts both physically and emotionally. There’s a lot of pain involved here, but I’m determined to push through the recovery with the support of my family, friends and fans from around the world.

The amount of encouragement I’ve received from fans is definitely helping keep my spirits high. I hope that one day my journey to recovery will inspire others to never give up — no matter what obstacles they face.



And Shangela is still busy as ever we should add, having just appeared in three episodes of Bold and the Beautiful, playing a glamorous drag queen with some sticky fingers. Though, as you can see, things did not end well for her on that show.

Finally, we must tell you all that Shangela certainly has not lost her sense of humor, and, now that she has some time on her hands, is wondering just who may have had something to do with her injury. Could it have been Sharon Needles? Latrice Royale? Pandora Boxx? We may never know…

Now let’s all wish Shangela a safe and speedy recovery. Halleloo!

Updates on Shangela’s condition will be posted via Twitter (@itsShangela) and Facebook (fb.com/shangelaonline). For more information on rescheduled tour dates or current events, visit www.shangela.com.

Top photo courtesy of Getty Images; Second photo from “Bold and the Beautiful”