Shangela Presents ‘LaQuifa is Halleloosin’ It!’: Review

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Friday night at XL Nightclub in New York City, viewers got a chance to catch  the second performance of Shangela’s new comedy show, LaQuifa is Halleloosin’ It! We were part of the lucky few who had the chance to sit in on the Drag Race alum and fan favorite’s performance, and watch how much she’s grown since the show — and boy has she come far. If you’re looking for a queen that just stands there and looks pretty with nothing to say, serving fish for the girls, you are not going to get that in the multi-talented Shangela LaQuifa Wadley.

Shangela opened the show on the arms of two sexy, chocolate dancers (her hoes) that carried her out onto the middle of the stage. The Diva Pimp extraordinaire, who also happens to be her only hoe due to the recession, called the holy mother of all drag queens, RuPaul, for advice on which city she should open her tour. Well, she wound up in New York City since pimping ain’t easy and hoeing ain’t paying, forcing her to lose her mind.

During her performance, Shangela commented on a few events that took place this summer, including the odd ally the Republicans acquired in Chick-Fil-A. “I know they was probably thinking, how are we going to get black people away from Obama.” She even managed to pull out a box of Popeye’s chicken during intermission and grabbed a tender from a patron in the audience. Talk about a stereotype. She also talked about the 2012 Summer Olympics in HD (high-dickinition). We did always wonder how runners weren’t allowed to wear cups to hide their private parts from being seen by everyone. But, luckily for us, they don’t.

If you weren’t aware, Shangela and Jenifer Lewis have actually created a web series where they reenact videos that have gone viral on the web. Shangela was so kind enough to show the audience a montage of their current videos that are up on YouTube, and I have got to say that this is something I’ll definitely be watching, if not for Jenifer Lewis alone.

Shangela did two more costume changes, showing off that amazing tuck she had to learn from Carmen Carrera. We’re only saying that because we know how challenged Shangela used to be. She even poked fun at her looks during the second and third season, admiring her growth. And we have got to agree by saying there was no five o’clock shadow or “puffy pussy” to clock from Miss Shangela. She certainly learned to beat a mug quite well.

She also performed a few song and dance numbers, and even though her voice didn’t compare to that of her backup singer Angela, Shangela’s performance had all the makings of a proper cabaret production that only enhanced her already exceptional comedic talents. And her songs “Werqin’ Girl” and “Call Me LaQuifa” were induced with the great beats and styling of B. Ames, making us want to get out of our chairs and vogue DOWN. But, we left it to Shangela, who put on a rousing performance with a spectacular death drop at the end. We scurried on over to iTunes and quickly purchased the songs before the performance even ended.

Overall, the show was great and a must see. It’s amazing to see one of the more improved girls from the series develop into a well-rounded star.  Shangela was friendly and approachable in real life, taking the time to talk to all of her fans that waited for their turn. Do you think she really has what it takes to take RuPaul’s place as Renowned Drag Queen of The World?

Check out Shangela’s website for more info on what cities her tour will come to next. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed. And don’t forget to look at the gallery of photos from her show above.

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