Shangela Stans For Nick Jonas, Laganja And Miley Kiki, Tammie Brown Gets Her Nails Did: “Drag Race” Instagram, VMAs Edition

Plus Mimi Imfurst channels Cruella de Vil, Manila has a million-dollar idea, Courtney Act says no to the paparazzi, and MORE!

Drag Race girls, best in the world. You know that, we know that, and Miley Cyrus most certainly knows that. Our queens always slay, whether it’s the VMA stage or your Instagram page.

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Let’s check out the week in chic and the best posts from some of our favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race goddesses.

We like to imagine that after Milk applied her MAC lip glass, she looked in the mirror and said, “I’m ready.” Then slipped on those sneakers under her gown and tore the place up.

Mimi Imfurst, Mimi Imfurst/ kills little puppies, just for the fur. Now THAT’s what you call Cruella realness, hunty.

Hold the phone, Manila… makeup removing pillowcases are BRILLIANT! Let’s partner. We’ll bring it to Shark Tank. “Pillow Scrubs: For the bitch who’s too tired.”

I'm tired. Will someone take my make up off for me?

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Wait— are Trixie Mattel and Hamburger Mary related? Guess nepotism is alive and well in the drag community.

German Hamburger Mary's ! With one of my most valued colleagues Brandon !

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Courtney Act knows how to keep those pesky paparazzi at bay during Burning Man, flash photo resistant clothing. No tabloid covers here! (On second thought, girl, take it off. All press is good press.)

Hmmmm, what could all these queens have possibly been doing together? The next DragCon isn’t for months. Maybe just a family reunion?

AHHHH! OMG, NO! They were rehearsing for the VMAs with Miley! THEY GOT UP IN THAT GIG, GIRL!

Sorry, Alaska, you may be out of the AAA Girls. Willam and Courtney found a fresh, young talent to join them. She can sing and she’s really into fashion, so…

Shangela, how did you contain yourself with Nick Jonas that close? Lesser queens would have thrown themselves at him. Professional.

@NickJonas Going IN right in front of me at the #vmas2015 @logotv #ShangelaAtTheVMAs

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Tammie Brown got her nails done for the occasion.

#VMAS #MileyCyrus

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Wonder what Miley and Laganja had to talk about… (Just kidding, we know it was weed.)

Love of my life!!! All I can say is thank you @mileycyrus #BestBuds

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Rita Ora serenaded Miss Fame and Trinity. Typical Sunday night, no big.

Condragulations to all the queens involved. We are proud of you. You killed it. Now, Miley, take these ladies on tour!

Vma2105…… blessed

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