Sharon Needles And Alaska Split: “We’ll Continue To Be Part Of Each Other’s Lives”

sharon and alaska

Photo: Santiago Felipe

Sharon Needles and Alaska, the royal couple of RuPaul’s Drag Race, have announced they’re no longer a couple after four years together.

“I will always love Sharon, and we will continue to be a part of each other’s lives,” Alaska said in a joint statement. “Authenticity and honesty to our fans is so important to us, and we will always be there for all of you, no matter what. I appreciate your love and support in this period of change.”

Sharon remarked that “due to the severe change not only in mine but Alaska’s life, the survival of our partnership relies on simply changing the word ’boy’ in boyfriend to ’best.’ And because of my severe vanity, I’d like to keep my social media as a place dedicated to my art, and not a place to talk about my personal life. RuPaul once said that people come into our lives for different reasons for different intervals of time. I will treasure the four years we had together.”

We wish both of these amazing talents the best in their personal and professional lives.

Photo: Santiago Felipe

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