Sharon Needles BFF Amy Vodkahaus Releases “303,” Ode to Big Girls : LISTEN

Starting with a warbling semi-operatic intro, Amy Vodkahaus (friend of Sharon Needles and Alaska from the legendary Pittsburgh punk drag crew, the Haus of Haunt) launches her new single “303”, as she sassily shades women of smaller sizes: “It hurts me to watch your doorknob knees / Eat a fucking burger, skinny bitch, please.”

The song, whose title refers to Amy’s weight and not her home area code, is certainly strange.  “I serve ass and thighs and boobs for days / No foam couch cushions here, there’s no way,” deadpans the thick queen.  Bouncing between quavering vocals, nasty rapping, and heavily accented trash talking, “303” is a succulent Klaus Nomi-esque treat for those with more refined palettes.

And by “refined” I mean “fucking weird.”


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