Sharon Needles Cooks With Drag Queens: WATCH

Of all things you might expect from a drag queen, outdoing Rachael Ray is not one of them. Nevertheless, there are some queens who can really tear it up in the kitchen, including Daphne Doumount and Saltina Obama Bouvier, who recently invited Drag Race champ Sharon Needles into their kitchen as part of their series “Cooking with Drag Queens.”

With Asian breakfast tacos on the menu, the gals certainly didn’t bring the gravitas (or awkwardness) of a Today Show segment to the table, but Savannah Guthrie these girls ain’t. Granted, there’s a lot of look to digest (in addition to the tacos), but that just goes to show you that a drag queen isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, as long as she’s caked in makeup and covered in some fierce couture. Anything to hide the stains, right?

So, who’s hungry?

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