Sharon Needles Rocks Out With Live Band, Debuts Video For “Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?”: PHOTOS


Though it doesn’t officially get released until November 26, Sharon Needles debuted the new music video for “Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?” Friday night at Motivo nightclub in New York. The Gramercy hotspot was made over into Needles’ Nuthouse for the occasion, including deranged dancers done up in their most macabre drag.

“Nuts” is a shot-for-shot remake of an obscure track from ’80s public-access queen Penny Pearce—Sharon’s version was even recorded on 1986 newsroom cameras to give it that dated, grainy feel.  “Burn your copy of ARTPOP and learn something else,” The scream queen ordered her fans.

Watch the premiere of “Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?” right here on NewNowNext on November 26

It was the Drag Race winner’s first time performing with her new live band, and the boys were not immune from a little shade: “They don’t have a name cause I’m the important one,” Sharon joked after spitting water and Bud Light on the audience.

The group performed punk takes of tracks off Needles’ debut album, PG-13, including “Call Me On The Ouija Board” and “This Club Is A Haunted House,” along with a quick cover of “Sweet Transvestite” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (“If you want something visual / that’s not too abysmal / you can take in an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race!” Sharon ad-libbed.)

Needles’ foul mouth got the best of her as she hurled curses at the spotlight operator:  “No one can come on the fucking stage if they are taller or prettier than me!”

Photos: Wilson Models, Eric Shorey, Shawn Hollenbach

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