Sharon Needles Is All Goth And Glamour In New “Hollywoodn’t” Music Video

"I have an obsession with Hollywood, and I have an obsession with death."

Everyone’s favorite spooky RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Sharon Needles is back with a new music video for her single “Hollywoodn’t” off of her album, Taxidermy.

The gorgeous black and white homage to classic films directed by Santiago Felipe, shows the dark side of fame and glamour and takes pages from some of the darkest chapters in Hollywood’s history.

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For the mood of the video and song, Needles “wanted it to sound very much like a murdered, 16-year-old, teenage virgin at the bottom of a pound that would never be found.” Cheerful!


“There was a time there when I was seeing the bulls— of Hollywood, and that tends to happen when it’s all taken away from you,” Sharon told People. “I wanted to take that darkness and convey old Hollywood stories that turned up in tragedy.”

sharon needles hollywood
YouTube/Santiago Felipe

Needles said that she wanted the video to focus on the “disturbing and sad stories of women who met their demise in Hollywood. I have an obsession with Hollywood, and I have an obsession with death.”

Watch the music video and a behind-the-scenes clip below:

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