Sharon Needles Recreates Controversial Kathy Griffin Photo For Gay Bar Performance

How's your head?

Sharon Needles isn’t afraid of a backlash.

When the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Four winner hopped off a 14-hour flight from Tel Aviv on Monday night, she decided to do a special performance for the audience at the P Town Bar in Pittsburgh, PA.

According to World of Wonder’s James St. James Sharon styled a Joan Rivers wig she had and bloodied up an old Owen Wilson fake head she had lying around (you mean you don’t have one?) and transformed into the controversial photo that resulted in a backlash against Griffin.

Momma had a baby and ….

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“It’s kind of mind boggling the levels to this story. That a female comic in this day and age, who was a friend of Joan Rivers, and who was on Celebrity Apprentice with our president, is subjected to this type of abuse,” Sharon said about the Griffin photo backlash. “I mean… if only Joan was still around. And the fact that we don’t hold our male politicians of the same standard as female comedians is shocking,”

How's your head??

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What was the song Sharon chose? “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, of course.

Watch a snippet of her performance below.

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