“Drag Race” Superfans Getting Sharon Needles Tattoos: PHOTO

sharon needles tattoo

In our quest to find the biggest fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race, we came across Michael Reason, who has none other than RPDR Season 4 winner Sharon Needles tattooed on his right shoulder. “I got it for my 29th birthday so April of 2012, just a little bit before she was crowned the winner,” Reason explains. “It was done by Chelsea Neifert at Tribe Zoo here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Sharon has seen it, and even posted the picture on Facebook.”


Reason says he hopes to one day show the scream queen his ink in person and get her signature added to the tattoo.

We think Sharon would approve. In fact, earlier this year she got tattooed live on stage in Australia while performing “Everyday is Halloween”

And just so you don’t think Reason has a one-track mind, we’re also featuring a tattoo of Simpsons sisters Patty and Selma he has on his calf.

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We did a little research and it looks like Michael isn’t the only superfan who got needled with Needles—though he was the only one we could get ahold of.

Below, more permanent homages to the Queen.

tumblr_mguso4MpZL1roefaio1_500 tumblr_mguso4MpZL1roefaio2_250 sharon needles tattoo 1 tattoo

sharon needles tattoo 1
sharon needles tattoo 2

This tumblr fan’s profile says she’s 14, so we’re hoping this is a temporary tat.



h/t: fuck-yeahsharonneedles.tumblr.com 



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