Courtesy Shawn Balentine

Hollywood’s First Out Stuntman Pays Daring Tribute To Pulse Nightclub Victims

Shawn Balentine's "The Light" honors the Orlando tragedy's anniversary with stunts across the globe.

After nearly a year of preparation and filming, a new global video tribute commemorates the first anniversary of the tragedy at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Organized by Shawn Balentine, Hollywood’s first openly gay stuntman and stunt coordinator, “The Light” compiles photos and video clips by 17 groups of professional stunt performers and athletes hailing from 22 different countries. Each volunteer group honors a Pulse victim whose background has a connection to their particular stunt.

Courtesy Shawn Balentine

These stunts include paragliding over Cape Town, base-jumping off a California cliff, and forerunning in Alaskan glaciers.

“Having been the victim of discrimination and the target of hate online after coming out last year, I was deeply affected by the tragedy in Orlando,” says Balentine, who adds that his goal was “to let the victims’ friends and families remember their loved ones with light on this one-year anniversary.”

Courtesy Shawn Balentine

Balentine, who has worked on shows such as American Horror Story, has stunt-doubled for performers like James Corden, Jack Black, and Chaz Bono.

Orlando will mark the tragedy’s official June 12 anniversary as “Orlando United Day,” a day of scheduled remembrances including events on the Pulse property.

Watch “The Light” below.

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