Yes, Shawn Mendes Heard Harry Styles Mispronounce His Name on “SNL”

“That’s officially how it’s pronounced now!”

Remember last weekend’s epic Saturday Night Live sketch with guest host Harry Styles as a careless, threesome-loving social media manager for Sara Lee Bread? Oh, who am I kidding—of course you remember it.

The skit, which promptly made the rounds on Gay Twitter™, saw two concerned Sara Lee managers (Cecily Strong and gay SNL writer Bowen Yang) confront Styles’ character about his misuse of the company Instagram page to post some… off-message content.

The entirety of “Sara Lee” is brilliant and well worth a watch, but one moment in particular has haunted me since its premiere: Styles’ mispronunciation of Shawn Mendes’ last name.

At the end of the sketch, Styles’ character reveals that he DM’d the hunky pop singer about a “special holiday promotion” from Sara Lee (read: a very suggestive picture.)


But the former One Directioner pronounced the “Senõrita” singer’s surname with a little extra emphasis on its last syllable, which Mendes stans were quick to point out on Twitter:

The kicker? During a Twitter Q&A last night, Mendes (who insists he’s not gay and wishes we’d all stop speculating about it) revealed he had indeed seen the SNL sketch, and heard Styles’ slip-up. He’s not mad about it, either.

“Yeah,” Mendes tweeted, responding to a fan who asked if he’d heard Styles’ pronunciation. “That’s officially how it’s pronounced now!”

BRB, pivoting from Larry Stylinson to Sharry Stendes.

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