Shawn Mendes Let A Swedish Interviewer Sniff His Armpits. We Don’t Know Why Either

"F*ck that was good!"

Heartthrob singer Shawn Mendes is no stranger to sending fans into a frenzy with his catchy hits and thirst traps. But the latest trap finds the “In My Blood” singer with an interviewer’s face in his armpit.

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While in Europe, Mendes visited Swedish radio host Martin Björk, who interrogated Mendes with a series of unusual questions, such as “Who is your most ugly famous friend?” (to which Mendes pleaded the Fifth) and “Which one of your body parts are you most proud of?” (He says he likes his ears best. Liar!)

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Björk continued with his odd but jovial line of questioning by asking the 19-year-old singer if he could smell his armpit. Without hesitation, Mendes let him take a sniff. Apparently, the scent tickled Björk’s fancy, as he replied, “Fuck that was good!”

After the video of the interview was posted on Bjork’s Instagram, Mendes’ fans reacted with confusion, arousal, and some disgust.




We’re not sure if this means Mendes has a thing for pits, but we can confirm Bjork does.

Exhibit A:

Hur i helvete kunde jag faila på det här??? @jasminegustafsson #intimtmedbjörken

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