“Drag Race” Wasn’t The First Time Michelle Visage Judged Shea Couleé

"I had critiqued you before..."

Shea Couleé may not have snatched the crown this season, but she is still one fierce queen who made it all of the way to the final four during season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In a new installment of Whatcha’ Packin’ Michelle Visage sits down with Shea to talk about her experience on the show—and the two end up taking a trip down memory lane about the first time they met—before Shea sashayed into the workroom.

Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

“I had critiqued you before in the Miss Roscoe’s pageant,” Visage recalls during their interview.

“I remember because I was wearing green hair. Technically mint,” Shea says as she jokes about Visage’s hatred for the color green.

Miss Roscoe’s Pageant is a drag queen competition at Roscoe’s Tavern in Chicago where every year special guest judges like Visage or other Drag Race alumni decide who will become the next Miss Roscoe’s.

“One day you’re going to be judging Miss Roscoe’s Pageant with me! That will be so crazy!” Visage realizes during their conversation.

But before Shea returns to Roscoe’s she has to soak in her time on Drag Race.

“This whole experience has been beyond my wildest dreams,” Shea tells Visage. “It exceeded my own imagination.”

“I found so hard for this, and there are thousands of other girls who have fought really hard for this, so for me to be standing where I’m standing is such a blessing,” she says. “I’m not taking any of it for granted.”

To find out how many times Shea auditioned for Drag Race and what part of the filming she found the most stressful watch the full Whatcha’ Packin’ below.

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