If Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Was Like The ’90s Rom-Com “She’s All That”

"Am I a bet? Am I a bet? Am I a f*cking bet?!"

With election drama getting more intense with every passing week, wouldn’t it be nice if electing the president was as simple as electing the prom queen?

Well, now it is, thanks to a hilarious new video parody from Tim Murray.

The comedian was fed up with all of the hate for Hillary Clinton that’s been clogging our newsfeeds, especially since he felt it was unjustified, so he decided to take some action.

she's all that poster

“I was so tired of hearing people say they dislike Hillary without any real reason why, so I made a parody of it using the ’90s movie She’s All That,” Murray explained.

Murray plays “Zachary Prinze Jr.” in the sketch, a high school student who bets his friends he can make anyone popular in six weeks — even Hillary Clinton.

Except in this version of the film, he doesn’t have to turn her into the school’s next prom queen, but into the country’s next president.

Check out the parody remake below.

Adam Salandra is a writer, performer and host in Los Angeles. When he's not covering the latest in pop culture, you can find him playing with his French Bulldog puppy or hovering over the table of food at any social gathering.