She’s Baaaack! Lady Bunny’s At The Stonewall Inn

The New York drag legend is ready to offend—again.

“We’ve become so politically correct that they just made Dick Van Dyke change his name to Penis Von Lesbian.” —Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny has been a fixture on the New York drag scene since decamping from Atlanta (where she was roommates with RuPaul) and moving to the city in 1984. And she’s been attacking stages with her long (long!) legs, big (big!) hair, and acerbic humor in her inimitable Southern-celebrating—though never cornpone—style. Now the blonde bomb returns with her show “Trans-jester” in a limited run at The Stonewall Inn in Manhattan.

Between obscene, high-speed karaoke parodies of songs from Bruno Mars, Adele (sung by her, um, anus), Broadway, and disco classics, Bunny declares her slutty ways and her frustration with both PC language policing and 21st century modes of hooking up. The show is smart, funny, and offensive, and while I don’t doubt her commitment to her trans sisters, some critics have suggested some viewpoints are stuck in amber—perhaps in keeping with her Laugh In-era-Goldie-Hawn-meets-Dusty-Springfield inspired look? (Bottom line: If a rants about the “T” word will keep you from having a good time, skip the show.)

Bunny is resolute, raucous, and raunchy. She’s got a lot on her mind (and it’s not all hair), and she’s going to let you have it.

Check here for times and tickets.

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