She’s IT! HBO’s “The Comeback” To Make A Comeback With 6 Episode Reboot


I dwant to see that! Valerie Cherish is still IT and she might be making a comeback!

Kenneth in the 212 is reporting that HBO will revive The Comeback in a six episode reboot, Revisiting The Comeback 10 Years Later, which will feature original cast members Kellan Lutz and Malin Akerman, who both went on to stardom — particularly Kellan Lutz’s abs — after the show’s abrupt cancellation.

Anyone who saw Lisa Kudrow during The Comeback’s limited run in 2005 knew that a truckload of Emmys should’ve been dumped at her front door step. Sadly, the series failed to find a niche, but ten years later Val and co. have attained cult status.

The rumor mill has been churning out a possible return of the series for months, stoked by the flames of Kudrow waxing philosophically on what Valerie would be up to nowadays with Andy Cohen. Creator Michael Patrick King also co-signed the idea, telling EW in February that he and Kudrow have been doing some “creative exploration” over a series of lunches.

According to King, The Comeback’s second episode would be about “Valerie getting what she wanted and what fresh hell that would be.” Kudrow seems to think that would include “taking classes at the Actor’s Studio. Just because.”

While we’re eager to find out what Val’s been up to, I think she’d agree the real star of the show is her long-suffering, closeted hair dresser Mickey…


C’mon, Val. I need to know I’m being heard. Jane? Jane? Babygirl?*

*Ed. Note: If you don’t get any of these references, do yourself a favor and bingewatch The Comeback on Netflix immediately. You’re welcome.

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