It's Drag History Month! But, Shhhhhhh… Jujubee's Got Some Thangs To Tell You, Honey!

Why were you so obsessed with Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race??? You were stung by the Jujubee !! Ummmmm, so were we!!!

This Boston babe is still that same fierce and funny mama who made it to the final three in her season with RU. Oh how Juju loves her RU! She showed us that she is always craving that honey while strutting some divalicious looks or stinging us with those devious one liners of hers. Loved it!

WELL, the BEE is BACK! Our Juju couldn’t fly too far away from us (thank GOD!) and she’s here to spill the latest on her fabulous self. She is the one and only Queen Bee after all!

She also wants you to find her on Facebook. Get after that honey!!!

In a sentence, tell me why drag is important?
Drag is important because it blurs the lines between social standards and social statuses; reminding everyone that ART has NO boundaries! OOOoooO i betta do it!

Men and women, gays and straights – people loooooove RuPaul’s Drag Race? Why do you think people respond to it so positively?
YESSS! It’s so true! Rupaul’s Drag Race lets many people see the world through a different lens. It creates an energy that everyone can relate to and respect. ANNNNDDD…Helllo!?!?!? Who doesn’t love RU?

Who’s your favorite Drag Queen to see perform and why? Who blows your mind?
I couldn’t name just one! I love watching every Drag Queen because anyone with the balls to go against the grain and WORK is FEEEEEEEYESSS in my eyes! Besides, she just might be wearing something I’d want. hahahahaha

What’s the best part about being a Drag Queen?
The best part about being a Drag Queen is that ’she’ gets to say and be something ’he’ can’t. It’s my alter ego, like Nicki Minaj’s ROMAN, except I’m not as mad.

What’s the hardest part?
The hardest part would have to be the misconceptions that come with performing as a Drag Queen. Sometimes people assume that Queens failed at everything they’ve tried and this was a last resort. My reply to that is always, “Honey, try me and you’ll GAG! Meeeow!!!” Then I buy them an Absolute Cocktail. Take that!!!!

How would you describe your look?
Insufficient funds. hahahahaha. I’m kidding. I love trying new things so it’s really ever changing. I do LOVE BIG HAIR!!!!

Tell about your favorite number/performance you’re doing now? What is it? What make it the best for you?
My favorite number is my Jennifer Hudson Mix! She is amazing! Have you seen her lately? She looks gorgeous! Her voice is so fun to lip sync to.

One piece of advice for the queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3?
Bask in this glory! Savor every moment! Get ready for it!

What would you like to be doing in 10 years?
WORKING! Being happy and healthy…maybe children?

Finally, if there was a Mount Rushmore monument for Drag Queens, which 4 queens deserve to be immortalized with their image on a mountainside? Who are the best of the best, past or present???
Just FOUR?!??! RuPaul (of course!) I owe her and Logo my career! I thank her daily…in my mind…creepy. hahahaha. No, really! Ru has been such an amazing person, helping me jumpstart my career. Thank YOU MAMA!!! Leigh Bowery for being so FIERCE and before his time! My Drag Mother, Karisma Geneva Jackson Tae. She’s my mama! Can I say CHER for my last one?

And… How’s the best way to find out what you’re up to? And what’s next for you?
There are many ways!!! is my official website where you’ll find The JUJU TEE! YESS GIRL! I’m always on Facebook ! Tell your friends honey! Inspired by my talented co-stars, I will be working on some music. I’ve always dreamed of it. Now’s the time! I am so excited!