Shipping News: Everything is Destiel

Plus, Night Vale meets The Bane Chronicles, and Larry King to interview a couple of fandom faves.

Hello everyone, Mike here with this week’s The Shipping News! So, are you ready for it…

DESTIEL! If you don’t have Destiel on your mind right now, well you’ve probably been watching Breaking Bad, and that’s fine too, but, DESTIEL! Supernatural season 9 will premiere tomorrow and I for one am so excited I can hardly contain myself. They are the reigning champs of this year’s Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney AND beat femslash pairing Rizzles in the Slash Off after all.


Fandom News

Cecil Baldwin, the talented voice behind Welcome to Night Vale, will be lending his sultry voice to the audiobook for The Fall of The Hotel Dumort, the seventh book in Cassandra Clare’s, The Bane Chronicles, a spin off of The Mortal Instruments.

And he’s handsome too, not fair.

Cecil Night Vale

Larry King recently announced the he will be interviewing both Misha Collins and Clark Gregg and has asked the internet to suggest some questions. You know what that means, let’s see if we can slip a few Destiel and Coulson/(who ever you ship him with) questions in there.

Larry King Slash

As of now neither interview has a set date (Larry cryptically tells us they will be “soon”), but you can submit questions for Misha here, and for Clark here. Get on that fandoms, I’m looking forward to very interesting interviews with both of these men.


On a more somber note, Glee fandom, get ready, because this week the show will address the passing of Cory Monteith who portrayed the much beloved Finn Hudson on the show. I’m already feeling a bit weepy after watching the below preview, so I’m sure this Thursday’s episode will be heart-wrenching. I’m hopeful it will be a fitting send off for the talented actor.


You Are Now watching Supernatural

Supernatural poster
Credit: TheCW

So tomorrow we get to rejoin the Winchester bros on the longest and emotionally exhausting road trip ever. Season 8 left us with one major cliffhanger, and seriously, everything I’ve done between then and now has just been to distract myself from clawing my eyes out with anxiety and anticipation for this day.

To whet your appetite, or give you a refresher on where things left off (how could you possibly forget!?) here’s a clip of showrunners Jeremy Carver and Bob Singer discussing what’s next for Team Free Will.

Of course I’m primarily excited for all the new Destiel. This preview of the season premiere has Dean desperately seeking help from his angel.

Already, I’m overcome with painful Destiel feels.

This season of course will prominently feature a plotline that fandom has been exploring, espousing and squeeing over since forever. Fallen!Cas is one of my favorite tropes in Supernatural fandom. I just love angst, sue me.

Awhile back I recommended you all go sob over my favorite fic of all time The Inexhaustible Silence of Houses (seriously, go read it), in which Castiel falling is merely the tip of the iceberg. Now, I suspect that since this idea is going to feature prominently in the show this season, there will be tons of new fanworks and meta exploring the nuance of what it means for Castiel to be human, but here’s a little taste of what fandom has come up with so far on the subject.

The Story of You and Me by the_diggler picks up right where season 8 left us (sort of) and then takes us 2 years into the future where Dean apparently has everything he ever wanted and no idea how he got there.


“Dean?” Sam holds his hands up cautiously. “Are we having one of those mornings again?” he asks, concern in his voice.

“…Yes? No? I don’t know?” Dean answers, completely lost now. “What do you mean?”

Sam – or not Sam – heaves a sigh, and then very slowly reaches towards the bottle of rock salt on the kitchen counter, sitting innocuously next to some pepper and some other basic condiments. Dean narrows his eyes, watching closely as Sam empties some of the salt into his coffee, and then lifts the mug to drink it, making a very Sam-like bitch-face as he swallows it down.

Dean can’t help but grimace in sympathy. That must’ve tasted awful. But he still reaches for the salt anyway, just to check himself that’s what it is. Sam rolls his eyes at that, then points to the sink.

“Borax,” he says, indicating the dishwashing detergent. Dean grabs the container and aims it at his brother, squeezing out a thick stream of viscous fluid that lands on the outside of his brother’s exposed forearm.

When there’s also no reaction, Sam steps a little closer and reaches towards the cutlery drawer. Slowly he pulls out another knife from the back, a big one Dean recognizes as one of their own silver ones, and Dean eyes it warily, keeping on the defensive until Sam lifts up the sleeve of his t-shirt to slice the skin of his shoulder. Dean doesn’t know why Sam doesn’t just slice his forearm, like he’s seen his brother do in the past, but there’s no reaction to the silver either, so Dean lowers his knife.

“What the hell is going on, Sam?” Dean hisses, trying to keep calm. “Is this really Bobby’s? Is Cas really human? And why the hell does this journal say it’s two years in the future?!”

Now I haven’t quite finished reading this one as I write this, but what I’ve read so far (most of it) is definitely worth the read, especially if you like fluffy amnesia fic (sometimes even I don’t want to cry). For more fic however, I suggest checking out the fallen!cas tag over at the Destiel Fanfiction tumblr. They have insightful reviews of TONS of fic, meticulously organized into their tags section. It’s usually the first place I go looking for something to read, even before Ao3.


Closing Thoughts

So this week is a big week for fandom. I’ve been sharing my T.V. viewing schedule (yes I have a schedule, it’s saved in my Google Calendar, don’t judge me) with my friends, telling my boss I may need some time off work to recover from feelings overload, and warned my mom that I may need her for emotional support. It’s that serious. Obviously, I’m MOST excited for Supernatural, but there are so many other shows coming back in the coming weeks and new shows premiering. Let us know what you guys are excited for and what pairings you’ll be watching in the comments below!


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Later, guys!
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