Girl, Shirley Bassey Covered a Pink Song!

That's Dame Shirley to you.

That’s Dame Shirley to you.

Seeing Shirley Bassey at the Oscars reminded me that back in 2007, she covered Pink’s “Get the Party Started” and then released an amazing music video of it.

And let’s not get it twisted: Dame Shirley explodes the song with her glamor. Her voice is amazing, and she has no problem turning Pink’s bratty anthem into an elegant big-band number that lets her phrase things just so. Her tongue is definitely in her cheek when she plummily intones about people kissing her ass, but the fact that she’s having fun and still singing like herself just makes the whole experience even better. Who knew how elegant this song could be?

It’s possible you knew her version already, but isn’t it time to be enjoy it again? And if you haven’t heard it before, well… get ready. Life will different from this point forward.

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