Shirt Off! Chris Hemsworth Vs. Liam Hemsworth

liam and chris hemsworth

Aw, here’s Liam and Chris with their shirts on. Sorry!

We’ve got a serious battle today — pitting hot Aussie brother against hot Aussie brother. How will you choose?  Today, my friends, we’re looking at Mr. Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth and his older, blonder brother Chris. Both are actors, both have fantastic abs, and both are stupid, stupid attractive. You can see Liam in The Hunger Games and in a zillion paparazzi shots, and Chris? He’s Thor, dammit.

But who has the better body? Let’s go to the shirtless evidence!

chris hemsworth and liam hemsworth

Straight on, with their eyes peering deep into your dirty thoughts.

chris hemsworth and liam hemsworth

Both Chris and Liam seem to love the beach. Must be because they’re from Australia.

chris hemsworth and liam hemsworth

Occasionally, Chris and Liam entertain the thought of wearing shirts, before slipping them off again.


chris hemsworth and liam hemsworth

Chris looks down to check on his abs again. Liam is a very, very dirty boy.

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