Shirt Off: James Franco Vs. Dave Franco

Dave, in bed, waiting for you.

I have a longstanding deep seated hatred of James Franco. He strikes me as one of the guys who thinks he’s a lot more clever than he actually is, and there’s nothing more powerfully annoying than a stupid person who thinks he’s super smart. Look at him with his 8,000 graduate degrees, and film projects and conceptual art projects that involve (literally) selling air. That said, even I can’t deny that James is very, very attractive (it’s actually another one of those things about him that just adds to his smug annoyingness). Given my general disdain for most things James Franco-related, it’s nice that he’s actually got an equally lovely, if not so vociferously smug brother in the form of Dave Franco. The younger Franco certainly rests in his older brother’s shadow — but should he? We’ve put the two Francos to the shirtless test.

This is a shirt off challenge that should please fellow Francophiles (sorry, I had to.)

dave franco and james franco in black and white

Dave and James, the black and white edition. (It’s good to see JF practicing good personal hygiene.)

dave franco james franco

Aw, look at these two in bed.

dave franco james franco

Dave Franco, fucking himself for a Funny or Die video. James Franco looking whistfully away.

Still unsure? Maybe this image of James Franco in drag (shot by Terry Richardson) will help.