Shirt Off: Matthew Fox Vs. Josh Holloway

josh holloway and matthew fox

Left: What? I always keep a man on hand to water me. Right: Matthew Fox, showing off his ample chest hair.

Confession time: I’ve never watched Lost. I sat through countless seasons of people freaking out about it, but never bothered to actually check it out. Like loving romantic relationships and super-sized beverages, it’s too much of a commitment. Though sure, at some point, like, if I ever contract mono, or am in a long-term unemployed K-hole, I might tackle it, but for now, eh. That said, I have a fervent appreciation for the hot dudes on that show — Matthew Fox (aka Charlie Salinger from teens-talking-like-adults masterpiece Party of Five) and Josh Holloway.

Anyway, Matthew is in the new movie Alex Cross (out now!), playing Picasso, a homicidal maniac really fucking up detective Alex Cross’s (Tyler Perry) day. I can’t comment on the believability of either of those characters (Madea in a serious role? Hahhaha), but I will say that this film sounds like it presents ample opportunity to showcase Matthew Fox’s abs. And that’s always a good thing.

But how does he stack up against his former Lost nemises? Let’s go to the topless photos:

josh holloway and matthew fox

Left: Josh does as we all do — runs into the water with his jeans on. Right: Matthew contemplates how the hell Lost ended.

josh holloway, matthew fox

Left: Josh, just cutting down some trees in the jungle. Right: Matthew, scarily pumped up to play Picasso.

josh holloway, matthew fox

Left: Josh contemplates Lost living. Right: Matthew Fox, taking a shower with Jimmy Kimmel, because of course.

So who’s abs did you enjoy more?


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