Shirtless Violinist Is A Sexy Jon Snow In New “Game Of Thrones” Video

Matthew Olson is bringing the heat back to the Seven Kingdoms.

After performing songs from movies like La La Land and Beauty and the Beast, Matthew Olson, a.k.a. the Shirtless Violinist, is back with a new video straight from Westeros.

“Gay Hunks of Thrones” sees the sexy violin player embodying the likes of Jon Snow and Khal Drogo while performing the title song from Game of Thrones.

To make the video all the more authentic, he plucked the strings while standing atop the snowy peak of Mt. Baker in Washington State.

“Between freezing my nipples off and losing all feeling in my fingers, this video shoot officially goes down as the most excruciating one yet,” he wrote on YouTube. “All for the sake of art, I say!”

Game of Thrones returns to TV on July 16.

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