Shirtless Violinist Soars With Amazing Sia Cover

Plucking those heartstrings.

After performing songs from movies like La La Land and Moana, Matthew Olson, a.k.a. the Shirtless Violinist, returns—this time hanging from a hoop while covering “Chandelier” by Sia.

sia violin

“If I had any clue how much this was going to HURT before we filmed this video, I would have said ’forget it!!’ You guys, aerial arts are no joke!,” Olson wrote on YouTube. “They require a lot of strength and skill and above all else…a willingness to take physical punishment! Those silks whipped my ass and that hoop pummeled me hard!”

sia violin 2

The Shirtless Violinist made headlines earlier this year when he gave a gay twist to Beauty and the Beast by performing a cover of the movie’s theme song and ending the video with a kiss from his own prince charming.

This time around there’s no gay kiss, but there is plenty of thirsty aerial acrobatics and a Sia wig to keep you entertained.


h/t: Gay Times

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